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I've Lost My Cat

Often cats can be hiding quietly somewhere in your home

I've Lost My Cat

Often cats can be hiding quietly somewhere in your home

I've Lost My Cat

Firstly – DON’T PANIC!

Often cats can be hiding quietly somewhere in your home, ensure you've checked even the small unlikely places and don't forget the loft. If not in your home many cats will still be in the local area. Often your cat will find his or her own way home if they are able to- but they can easily become trapped in neighbours sheds, garages and outbuildings so the sooner you act the better. 

TAG – if your cat is wearing a collar with your name and address attached he will often be returned quickly.

MICROCHIP – if your cat is microchipped, if he is taken to a vets they will obtain all his details quickly and be able to contact you. MAKE SURE THE INFORMATION IS UP TO DATE – the chip is only as good as the information on it.


Who should I contact?

1. Your local vets

Members of the public will often take cats that they think are strays to their own vets. This can sometimes be further away than you might think. The vet can then scan the cat and find the owners details if they are chipped. Local vets to try are:

Blue House (us!), Biddulph: 01782 522100
Charter Vets, Congleton/Biddulph:  01260 273449 / 01782 513077
Warrendale Vets, Biddulph: 01782 513366
Congleton Vets, Congleton: 01260 272131
Beechwood Vets, Kidsgrove: 01782 782582
Wright and Morten, Congleton: 01260 273222

2. Catteries and rehoming Centres

The council and local authorities have no legal responsibility to deal with stray cats so get in touch with local animal charities as members of the public may have contacted them instead.

Our local charities are:

RSPCA, Staffordshire North – 01782 551515

Iris's Cats In Need, Stoke on Trent – 07852430281

Cats Protection, Stoke and Newcastle – 0345 260 1385


3. Microchip company

If your cat is chipped and is lost, inform your microchip database. If you have your pet’s chip number but don’t know who to call then use the website to find out who to call. They can flag your cat as missing for you. Also check your phone numbers are up to date.

What else can I do?

Facebook – put pictures of your cat on Facebook and mark them as “missing – please share”. Post them onto the Facebook pages of local vets and cat groups. Many cats have been found in this way.

Posters – put posters up to see if anyone has seen your cat. Also look for posters / on public notice boards to see if anyone is searching for you.

Online - consider registering your cat with a national lost pet database, such as or

Keep looking – your cat may have been shut in a nearby garage / shed or building.

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