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We offer affordable care for your pet


We offer affordable care for your pet

Price List


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Consultation with Vet £58.00 £58.00
Consultation Re-examination with Vet £53.00 £53.00
Nurse Consultation £23.00 £23.00
Nail Clip (Nurse) £23.00 Included
Microchip £32.00 Included


Kindly note that unless otherwise stated, every appointment with a vet incurs a charge.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club

Primary Course – Kitten (incl. Leukaemia Vaccine and parasite treatment)

£92.50 Included
Booster - Cat (incl. Leukaemia Vaccine) £65.00 Included
Primary Course - Puppy (including parasite treatment) £92.50 Included
Booster - Dog £65.00 Included
Kennel Cough £60.00 Included
Kennel Cough with Booster £32.00 Included
Rabies Vaccination £99.50 10% discount
Rabbit Myxo-RHD PLUS £65.00 Included


Includes a full health check and vaccination with a veterinary surgeon.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Cat Castrate £98.50 20% discount
Cat Spay £135.00 20% discount
Dog Castrate £269.00 20% discount
Dog Castrate - over 25kg £310.00 20% discount
Bitch Spay £370.00 20% discount
Bitch Spay - over 25kg £400.00 20% discount
Rabbit Castrate £140.00 20% discount
Rabbit Spay £170.00 20% discount


For further information, you can click here to visit our Procedures and Services page for more details

Dental Scale and Polish

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dentistry - Cat £300.00 10% discount
Dentistry - Dog £350.00 10% discount


Includes full mouth exam under general anaesthesia, dental charting, scale and polish. Any extractions will be additional cost and estimates will be given at your pre-op check.

Please note

All prices inclusive of VAT at 20%.

We reserve the right to review any prices without notice.

Prices effective from December 2023

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