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Why Choose Us

Here at Blue House we offer the personal touch

Why Choose Us

Here at Blue House we offer the personal touch

Welcome to our Practice

As pet owners ourselves, treating your pets as if they were our own and looking after you at the same time is always our aim. Here at Blue House we offer the personal touch, providing the very best of care for you and your pets in welcoming, modern and well-equipped facilities.

The more our practice feels like home, the more relaxed your pets will be. Watching your dog pulling you into the surgery and heading straight for the treat drawer, or seeing your cat snuggled into one of the cosy  beds in our ‘cat only’ ward, is how we like things. For you, a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake are always on offer.

We see you as part of our practice. Personal relationships and knowing your pet are very important to us. We like to ensure that you see the same vet at every consultation wherever possible.

We listen: you know your pet best. If you have a problem or concern, we are always happy to discuss it with you. Involving you in your pet's care, with full explanations of your pet's treatment plan, is a priority. We believe that educating you about your pet and their health will enable you to make an informed decision about their care, whether it is deciding on the right food or making sense of critical treatment options. Consultations are by appointment, ensuring a full and thorough explanation every time you visit us. Extended appointments are allocated for all new clients and new pets, allowing us get to know you (and your pet) properly.

We welcome new faces, as well as familiar ones. If you’d like to know more about us, feel free to phone or call in and have a chat. We would be delighted to show you around our facilities at any time and explain how we work.

 See for yourself why so many will only trust us with their ‘best friends’. 

These vets treat you and your pets like friends...they are friendly, caring and very professional. I've been with them for years and would never go anywhere else. Excellent Vets!!!

Angela Benbow*****

We have just got a new puppy and had our first trip to the vets this morning. We really couldn’t have had a more pleasurable experience. Sarah the vet was fabulous with us answering our endless questions and the girls on the reception desk were so welcoming and helpful. Right from our very first enquiry and receiving a lovely welcome card through to our visit today I can not recommend Blue House vets enough. Thank you and we look forward to our next visit ????

Angela Hughes*****

No other place to take your Pet... Brilliant, friendly, caring Staff. My dogs never fear going..!

Dave Cranham-Young*****

Wonderful with my kitten, excellent staff and have felt looked after at every stage. An amazing vets with a personal approach.

Deborah Baskeyfield*****

We love our pets more than words can say and all the team at blue house get our vote. A very difficult time  was made easier by Kay's attentive nature and quick response. Our staffie Molly is 9 yrs old now and joined blue house when she was a few weeks old . She was very ill as a puppy and blue house saved her. She now enjoys the best of everything . Thank you to all the team

Jackie Shaw*****

Over a decade ago now, a friend at work knowing we had just had a puppy bought a leaflet into work about Blue House Vets. From our first visit with that pup to our very sad but so thoughtful and respectful last at the beginning of this year, they have given us nothing but fabulous advice and service for all of our dogs. I would travel miles and miles to go to this practice, they are superb.

Jo Wade*****

Blue house isn't a vets it's an animal doctors, they treat my dogs and sugar gliders like their own pets! Very professional and great value but most importantly - extremely friendly!

Kerri-Louise Whitham*****

Fab vets wouldn't take any of our cats anywhere else! Neil and the team have helped us at very sad times when losing Charlotte to old age, Bart and Baileys to cancer and Leo also to old age and the way they treated Bart and Leo when they passed was incredibly caring. I wouldn't take our cats to any other vets.

Laurie Wright*****

THE best animal doctors I've ever been to. Treated my dogs like they owned them. Very gentle and very caring. All the staff are very friendly and understanding. I can't recommend them enough. When it comes to choosing a vet choose one that knows the breed of dog or cat you have. Not all dogs should be treated the same they are not generic where one fix suits all. Blue House understands this and treat each dog as an individual breed - not all vets do this as I found to my cost. Look around check out all the vets you want but you won't get a better one than Blue House.

Lizzie Clarke*****

We have been with Blue House vets for over 10 years. We have always had excellent service and advice. My dog Ruby-Tuesday loves visiting them, even though she has been through a lot of discomfort she is always happy to be cuddle by Kay or made a fuss of by the reception team, who do a fantastic job by the way. I would recommend the Blue House Team to anyone who loves their pet and would like a loving, caring vet centre for their pets.

Marjorie Newton*****

"As Woody's mum,I have to say that the staff at Blue House are the best in the world. Woody had already had an operation on his leg which involved hospitalisation a few days before Christmas and I just couldn't bear the thought that he would have to go away for another stay again when the tumour had been diagnosed just three weeks later. Kay pulled out all the stops for him to stay in Blue House and her care of him has been fantastic; and here I am a month later with a dog who plays, walks and behaves like a puppy. He is almost a different dog. When you go to Blue House you seem to be wrapped in a warm blanket of care and professionalism. After so many visits, Woody and I regard them as our extended family. And he knows exactly where the treats are kept. Thank you Kay and all - you are all stars!"

Pat McDonnell*****

We just wanted to thank you so much for the warm welcome we received from all the staff today – it was a lovely experience to come and visit.The kids were delighted to have the tour and listen through the stethoscope to Winston's heartbeat and to learn how to clean his ears and cut his toenails – they came home absolutely buzzing – although Winston was a little tired out by the time we got home – we’re having a nice quiet night! Thanks again and we look forward to his next visit.

The Rafferty family*****

Highly recommend Blue House Vets. I had a very poorly dog earlier this year. They could not have been more caring and supportive right up to the end. Wonderful people.

Tracey Carlin*****
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