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Kennels and Pet Sitters

Helping you with a little research to find the right person

Kennels and Pet Sitters

Helping you with a little research to find the right person

Kennels, Catteries and Pet Sitter

If you are going on holiday, away for the weekend, or need someone to look after your dog whilst you are at work, you may need to find a kennels or cattery. As with choosing any professional to care for your pet, you’ll need to do a little research to find the right person. Ask family and friends if they have any recommendations, or ask at Reception if they have used any of the businesses mentioned.

Consider whether you want a traditional kennels or cattery, or if you would prefer your pet to be looked after within a family home. House sitters may also be available to stay in your home.

Here are a few questions to ask when talking to a kennels or dog walker:

• Do you require dogs and cats to be vaccinated? (The answer should be yes!)
• Do you have insurance?
• What happens if my pet is ill whilst with you?
• What about feeding – do I bring my own food (can be a good idea to prevent upset tummies)?
• How often are the dogs walked? Are they let off the lead? Are they walked with other dogs?
• Can you give medication?

One of the most important things to do is to visit the kennels you are considering.

• Are the facilities clean and hygienic?
• Do the animals appear stressed or relaxed?
• Are the staff friendly and do they seem to enjoy their work?
• Are there outdoor exercise areas?
• Are the kennels dry, comfortable and free from draughts?
• Is water always available?

With pet sitters make sure to ask:

• How often will you visit?
• Will you water plants / close curtains etc.?
• Are you insured?

If you are worried about your dog being stressed whilst in kennels, consider using an ADAPTIL collar. It contains a chemical version of a dog pheromone, which is released by bitches when they feed their puppies. This helps them to relax. It continues to work for all stages of life. Alternatively, KalmAid may be useful for both dogs and cats. It comes in tablet form for dogs and cats, or as a gel for cats which they can lick off their paw.

Here is a list of some of the kennels, catteries and pet sitters in the area.

Our directory of local services is provided as a source of information to our clients. Listing in this directory is on request, and appearance here does not constitute endorsement of any business by Blue House Veterinary Centre.Acre Farm Cattery

Alison Millar and Polly Millar
Crowborough Road
Lask Edge
ST13 8QP
Tel: 01782 515515
Fields Farm Boarding Kennels
Ann Stonier
Fields Farm
Bebbington Road
Cheshire, CW12 2NL
Tel: 01260 224221
Mobile: 07974655009
Grove House Boarding Kennels
Sandra Shackleton
Grove House Farm
Somerford Booths
Cheshire, CW12 2JS
Tel: 01260 224386
Mobile: 07513 592764
Quintessential Quarters
Boarding Kennels, cattery and groomers
Craig and Karen
Quintessential Quarters
Grosey Lane Cottage
Lower Hatton
Cotes Heath
Staffordshire, ST21 6SH
Tel: 01782 791070
Moss Head Kennels and Cattery
Gaw End
Gawsworth, nr Macclesfield
Tel 01260 252343
Gun Moor Country Kennels & Cattery
Rushton Spencer,
Macclesfield, SK11 0SR
Tel: 01260 226449
Ladymoor View Boarding Kennels
Holehouse Lane
Brown Edge
Staffordshire, ST6 8UB
Tel: 01782 505402
Holme from Home Ltd Boarding Kennels
Little Sugnall Farm
ST21 6NF
Tel: 01785 850243
Help with Pets
Dog minding/dog walking
Melany Davison-West
Tel: 01260 227386
An alternative to kennels

Home boarding with plenty of walks, care and attention
Day care (am to pm)
£15 per dog
Somerford Booths

Tel: 07774 024798’’

Scruffy Mutts
Tel: 07850 815969 / 01782 361535
Poppins for Pets
Pet Care Services
Angela Tonge
53 Coronation Road
Congleton CW12 3HE
Tel: 01260 276056
Mob: 07709 245997
Paws In Boots
Dog Walking Services covering Knypersley, Biddulph, Congleton and area
Sherrie Woodward
Tel: 07889 848751
The Dog Den
Home Boarding / Daycare
Contact Michelle
Rock End Farm
205 Park Lane
Staffs ST8 7NR
Tel: 01782 513943 / 07770 191252
A & A Animal Hotel
Dogs, cats and small animals
Moss Cottage Farm
Hassall Road
Cheshire, CW11 4RU
Tel: 01270 583018
Just Fur Now Pet Care
Caring for your pets in their own home
Charlotte Garner
Tel: 07948961369
Pet sitting Dog Walking
Tel: 01260 297128
Mobile: 07917832275
Boo Boo’s Bunny Hotel
The Pump House
Forge Lane
Cheshire CW12 4HF
Tel: 01260 273416
Mob: 07815934787
A1 Cattery
6 Cross Lane
Winterley, Sandbach, CW11 4RW
Tel: 01270 761282
Grindlestone Edge Boarding Kennels and Cattery
Graham Williams
Cobmoor Road, Kidsgrove, ST7 3PZ
Tel: 01782 771760
Moss Head Kennels and Cattery
Gaw Lane End
Gawsworth, nr Macclesfield
Tel: 01260 252343
FatCats Cattery
Claphatch Farm
Gianstwood Lane
Hulme Walfield
Tel:01260 279787
Purr-Fect Boarding Cattery
Vale View
31 Halls Road
Tel: 01782 517326
Barking Mad
Alternative to kennels
015242 76476
Audley Lodge Boarding Kennels
Andrew and Suzanne Langley 
Tel:01782 723320
Poppins for Pets
Pet Care Services
Angela Tonge
53 Coronation Road
Congleton CW12 3HE
Tel: 01260 276056
Mob: 07709 245997
Home Dog Boarding
Jane Prince
Tel: 01538 300225
Mob: 07816865410
Paw Pals Pet Care Services
Pet Care Services
David & Tammy Lugsden
Cheshire East
Mob: 07919 403482
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