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Dog Training

Learning how to train your own dog has many benefits

Dog Training

Learning how to train your own dog has many benefits

Dog Training

Learning how to train your own dog has many benefits - it can help to build and strengthen your relationship with your dog, teach him or her basic social skills and is fun!

 A good pet dog training class should concentrate on what you want your dog to learn. It should teach you to train your dog to become a calm, easily controlled and valued member of your family and the community. Reward-based training is a must, with punishment and 'alpha-roll' techniques now considered outdated and unkind.

As with choosing any professional to care for your dog, you’ll need to do a little research to find the right person. Ask family and friends if they have any recommendations, or even when out on a walk and you see a well-behaved dog! Local shows can be a good opportunity to meet prospective trainers.

Here are a few things to look out for or ask when visiting a dog training class or talking to a dog trainer prior to attending classes:

• What qualifications do you have?
• How long have you been dog training?
• Do you specialise in certain types of training (obedience, agility, fly ball, heelwork to music)?
• Can I come and watch a class to see if it will suit my dog?

While visiting a class as an observer (without your dog):

• Is all the training done with positive reinforcement (rather than punishment)?
• Is the atmosphere relaxed? Noise should be at a minimum and shouting is rarely required.
• Instructors should be approachable. Do they appear friendly and caring in the best interests of owner and dog?
• How many dogs are there in the class? Bear in mind the size of the venue, as well as the number of assistants. Can the instructor keep an eye on everyone?
• Methods should suit the dog and handler in question. Food and toys are excellent motivators. Not many dogs work for praise alone. Training should be kind, fair and effective.

Here is a list of some of the dog trainers in the area.

Our directory of local services is provided as a source of information to our clients. Listing in this directory is on request, and appearance here does not constitute endorsement of any business by Blue House Veterinary Centre.

Positive Pet Training
Companion Dog Training 
Ian Friel-Russel (APDT)
The Sneyd
Ashbourne Rd
ST10 2BF
Telephone: 07785 800008
Website: www.positivepettraining.co.uk
Email: info@positivepettraining.co.uk
Danesford Obedience Dog Training Club
Obedience training and agility
Mossley Village Hall
Leek Road
CW12 3HX
Telephone: 01782 783874
Website: www.congletondogtraining.co.uk
Dig it Dog Training Club
Obedience, agility, puppy training
Lydia Critchlow
Dubthorn Lane
CW11 4TA
Telephone: 01270 585600
Website: www.digitdogs.co.uk/
Email: lydia@digitdogs.co.uk
Scouting for Dogs

Alex Rayworth IMDT

Dog Trainer 

Scouting for Dogs

Training and Enrichment.




We cover Newcastle under Lyme and the surrounding areas, offering 1:1 sessions, classes, and walks.

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Gunmore Gun Dog Training
Lynne Shaw
Training for day to day encounters & agility
Telephone: 01260 226449
Rushton Spencer
Moor Dog Training
Companion dog training
Wendy Shufflebottom 
Larkhall farm
Telephone: 07986318676
Email: moordogtraining@sky.com
Website: www.moordogtraining.co.uk
Dog Skool
Obedience & agility
Sarah Hursthouse
Classes held in Alsager and in Audley
Telephone: 01270 884494
Mobile: 07803609806
Email: enquiries@dogskool.co.uk
Website: www.dogskool.co.uk
Bark Busters
Dog Behaviour
Isla Clark
Telephone: 08081004071
Website: www.barkbusters.co.uk
Email: isla@barkbusters.co.uk
Best K9 School
Dog Behaviour
Yvonne Kelsall
Biddulph Moor Village Hall
Hot lane
Telephone: 01782 515667
Website: www.bestk9school.co.uk
Email: yvonne.kelsall@virgin.net
Training 4 Pawfection
Obedience training & dog walking
Tricia Kearney 
Telephone: 07791 909780
Website: www.training4pawfection.co.uk
Email: training4pawfection@hotmail.co.uk
Just Fur Behaviour
Obedience training
Charlotte Garner 
Mount Pleasant Village Hall
Mow Cop
Telephone: 07948 961369
Follyfoot Dog Training
Obedience training & gun dog training
Maria Galvano – 07455974193 01782510268
Awesome Paws Dog Training
Companion dog training & scent work
Tracey Ridgway
Bradwell Community Education Centre
Riceyman Road
Telephone: 07793210116
Email: awesomepaws9@gmail.com
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