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COVID Update

COVID Update

As some lockdown restrictions are being reduced, we are naturally being asked when we will be letting clients in with their pets.

Our vets and nurses see up to 30 clients a day each. This is done in a small, unventilated airspaces, and for patient safety we often cannot open any windows. We cannot stay 2m away from our clients if they are holding their pets while we are examining them, and this examination may take longer than 10 minutes.

Veterinary staff have no priority for covid vaccinations, and the majority of our staff are under 40 so many have had no vaccinations at all, and some have health conditions.

If a member of staff in our building contracts COVID19, it is likely that track and trace would ask the entire practice to close due to our close working practices with each other, which would mean we would be unable to provide our clients with any service. We feel it would be unacceptable for your pets‘ welfare to have to close for 10 days so need to avoid this if at all possible.

We have taken all this into account and feel that at the present time we are unable to open our doors to clients (except for end-of-life appointments). We are still very happy to see and treat your pets, and our vet and nurse team work tirelessly to ensure that your pet has the most stress-free visit to us possible. We are reviewing our covid policy regularly as we find the restrictions as tiresome as our clients do.

We would really appreciate your help and kindness in this matter.