Practice Tour

What can you expect when you come to Blue House Vets?

It soon becomes apparent that Blue House Vets is easy to find. Just a stone’s throw from Biddulph bypass with easy and direct access from the main road, bringing your pet to the surgery is made easier by the ample, safe, off-road parking on site. We can of course help you from the car with your pet – just ask. Well-tended and attractive gardens will allow you to spend time outside our practice in the summer months, and our Garden of Rest provides a peaceful area to sit with your pet.

A warm welcome awaits you when entering the practice. Our waiting room has that ‘living room’ feel. With large, attractive canvas pictures of some of our own animal friends and soft comfy seats, you will soon see that we want you and your pets to feel relaxed. Please do not be surprised when you are offered tea and cake, and your dog manages to sniff out the treat drawer!

We have blankets at reception to cover any worried pets. We also have a Cat-Only Clinic from 2-3pm every afternoon, so this is the perfect time for your cat to feel more relaxed without any canine interruption!

Our large and airy consultation rooms, with open views over our gardens, are inviting to anxious patients as they will not feel so crowded. Our main consultation room has floor-length windows so animals can gaze outside at our gardens whilst we discuss their treatment plans with you, whilst the second room has a windowsill wide enough for cats to perch on.

A unique feature of our practice is the ‘Blue Room’. It is a much less clinical room away from the main consulting and waiting area, which offers you space for those sadder occasions when you have to say goodbye to your pet. As it is not one of our main consulting rooms, you can take your time and stay as long as you like. The quieter atmosphere also makes its good for the more joyful occasions such as births.

Our dedicated surgical wing is kitted out with a variety of common and not-so-common equipment (see our facilities page). A small waiting room at the bottom entrance allows day patients a separate space before admittance to the hospital.

Our Nurse Consulting Room is used for our nurse clinics, and also for admitting and discharging patients. When not being used for this purpose it becomes our dental theatre, complete with dental X-ray, an ultrasonic scaler, dental drills and instruments. Having a separate dental room stops the bacteria from dentistry contaminating our “clean” surgical areas, and allows us to keep all our dentistry equipment close at hand during procedures.

Next is our prep area, where animals are prepared for surgery or have procedures such as ultrasound, endoscopy or minor operations such as wound stitches performed. We might pop some patients over to the prep room to have blood taken or intravenous catheters placed, as we have more staff and equipment to hand and access to better lighting. We don’t believe, however, in taking your pet ‘out the back’ for any worrying purpose; we are very open, and you are more than welcome to come and have a look around our prep room – just ask!

Our nurse station houses our lab area including in-house biochemistry (blood) machine, microscope, centrifuge (for spinning blood samples), and many other pieces of equipment used by our nurses on a day-to-day basis. We look at some blood, skin and urine samples in house, and have a courier service to take any further samples to our external lab for prompt results – usually the same day.

Our operating theatre is equipped with monitoring instruments, infusion pumps, and all the things we need to keep your pet safe under anaesthetic. Our anaesthetic machine is a state-of-the-art system known as the Humphrey-ADE, which has additional safety features compared to standard anaesthetic machines. We take the risk of hypothermia under general anaesthesia very seriously, which is why we operate on a heated table, use paw covers and blankets to keep our patients warm, and monitor body temperature closely. We have found that our patients have faster, smoother recoveries when they are kept warm while they are asleep. We also have our X-ray unit in theatre, which is very useful when performing orthopaedic procedures to ensure plates and pins are in the perfect place.

The dog ward has kennels of varying sizes, from the large walk-in kennel to the temperature-controlled incubators which can also be used to deliver supplemental oxygen for patients with breathing difficulties. Adaptil (previously known as DAP) pheromone diffusers help to keep patients calm whilst hospitalised with us. We supply a variety of tasty foods, or we are happy to give your dog their own diet if you bring some with you.

Our cat-only ward is specifically designed with cats in mind, with a Feliway pheromone diffuser, radio and snuggly hide-away beds for any cats that come to visit us for procedures. The kennels are all along one wall so cats are not staring at each other (something they hate), and there are two doors separating them from our canine friends.

Our rabbit / chicken / small furry ward has a large walk-in kennel perfect for hospitalising rabbits or chickens, especially if they bring company! Hospitalised rabbits often benefit from having their bonded companion with them, and chickens like to have a friend too. We have a variety of toys, hidey holes, perches and food depending on the species we need to care for.

Our large conservatory is useful for nervous patients who need a bit of extra space with their owners while they are sedated prior to operations. If you would like to stay with your pet while they have their sedative, just ask us. The conservatory also doubles up as a fourth consulting room and has good access for wheelchair users.

If you would like a real tour of Blue House then just pop in; we are proud of our practice, and we will be happy to show you around!


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